xplorer² professional

xplorer² professional 5.2

xplorer² is a file manager combining the norton commander and windows explorer
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The Xplorer² Professional software is a complete file management program with many great features. The shell namespace is an all area access. The shell is compatible with the drag and drop method, has a context menu and the multi-window or multi-headed operating mode lets you see everything. You can also look through two folders in just one window with the dual pane mode. There is a tabbed interface that allows you to save the tabs and if something happens they will also be restored.

The user can also customize many features, such as the folder settings, renaming batches, toolbar, icons and command menu. Icons can be overlaid or given customized skins. You can also add more toolbars and create custom icons to use for the buttons.

Searching for files or texts is made extremely easy with the program. You can search within archives or look for specific kinds of files, such as those from Office or in PDF formats. You can also search for texts or files with keywords, filters or using expressions. If more than one copy of a file is found the duplicates will be removed.

You will also be able to preview documents, like PDF or Office, and also graphics. Thumbnails are miniature sized and packed closely together so you will see as many as possible at one time.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to use and complete file manager


  • Only for Windows
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